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The Property Log Book® (PLB) is used by estate agents, solicitors & conveyancers, new home builders, financial intermediaries and mortgage lenders to improve access to property information.  The PLB provides a comprehensive record of what has taken place to a property at time of sale, build or improvement giving relying parties and occupants better access to property information in order to support home buying and selling and better home management.

Property Log Book®

The PLB is the original secure online tool enabling people to manage information about a home and share this as and when required.  The PLB is a tool to manage information and content useful for future sales, for insurance purposes, managing energy performance, maintenance and remodelling. It’s like the ‘golden thread of information’ about a property.  Click here to see what the Government says about Property Log Books.  The PLB is a paid for service and we do not sell information.

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Property Log Book® has many features and benefits for a property, an owner, tenant or relying party such as a conveyancer or surveyor.  A property that has a full history of information about it can increase the value of a property, improve repair, maintenance and improvement work, improve property safety and very importantly standards. With an assured identity behind the PLB then you will have greater confidence in the governance and provenance of that information. The PLB links a person to a property and to data held in multiple sources. 

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The Solicitors case of the need for a Property Log Book
with Jackson Lees and Grant Saw

Energy Log Book


The Energy Log Book (ELB) will monitor and manage your home water and energy usage and provide a lifelong record enabling future comparative analysis of utilities usage.

The ELB was used by Scottish Water on their two largest water and energy efficiency projects.  Energy readings must be put into context of the property’s age, type, condition, household structure and costs to be useful.  With a PLB, which can store all this data, this will enable you to manage and change your energy usage appropriately saving energy, money and the environment.

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