Phase 1 release of new homes at Highfield Park, Bo’ness

This new development in Bo’ness, Highfield Park at the Drum offers a unique mix of exciting new and opulent property styles, each one designed to deliver a higher quality specification and distinctive exterior finish from the impressive front door entrance to the fully fitted and designed kitchen plus the spacious lounge and bedrooms, each wit ther own unqiue Property Log Book®.

Current release and availability includes three choices, ranging from the 4 bedroom detached family villas – Kinneil and Stewart plus the 4/5 bedroom detached Victoria – with pricing from £339,000.

This premier development also benefits from spectacular views across the River Forth – perfect for relaxing with the calming spanse of the Scottish waterway.  Bo’ness itself is a beautiful coastal town nestled on the south bank of the Firth of Forth, the actual town’s name dates back to the 1400s and was known as Borrowstounness. However, this was later shortened to Bo’ness.

For more infromation please visit Highfield Park to book a viewing.

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