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The OIX Identity Trust 2022 Conference

The OIX Identity Trust 2022 Conference is taking place on the 29th September, the premier identity conference in the UK. Join me as I give an update on the MyIdentity® scheme for home buying and selling. I will be giving a scheme update on what has been working and, just as importantly, what has not been working.

Never has the need to link a certified identity with a property been greater as property and mortgage fraud continues to increase, and the need to mitigate against property hijacks such as vendor impersonation.  This is especially true during the home buying and selling process to help speed up the sale, reduce customer friction and identify issues earlier in the process.

I’ll provide an update on scheme requirements from the likes of the new house building sector through to estate agents, conveyancers, financial brokers and mortgage lenders.  I will also discuss how identities can be shared and those that cannot be shared, the DCMS Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework and certification of identity providers who are working towards meeting trust scheme requirements to reduce property & mortgage fraud, improve customer onboarding and reuse of the customer’s identity.

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