OIX consultation to test GOV.UK Verify with a multi-service portal for LAs & HAs

A public consultation that took place on the 13/12/17 on GOV.UK Verify with industry leaders and suppliers into digital identity management and verification. 

A key project objective is to raise the assurance levels of citizens enabling them to access national and local services more efficiently, using a legal standard of identity.

The objective of the afternoon was to inform the supply side and gather their views and inputs into 4 topic areas:

1. The roll of private sector hubs and cross sector identity federation.

2. Business case for LAs and HAs to use Verify, for business and customer benefit.

3. How LAs and HAs can assess the return on investment for adopting federated identity.

4. The customer journey and connecting Verify to multiple services, national and local.

The feedback and input we received from the consultation was extremely valuable and will be integrated into the report findings.

There is a project blog which will be updated monthly –

More information available at

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