Solihull Community Housing extend DLB further 2 years

Solihull Community Housing (SCH) is now rolling out the Digital Log Book to all tenants as part of their Digital Transformation Strategy.

Over the coming months we will be work working closely with SCH’s Tenancy Support Team in reviewing their existing processes to explore ways to make it easier for the team to support their new tenants by utilising the Digital Log Book.

This will include capturing greater insight into their new tenants needs, which will then allow SCH to support them more effectively by focussing on those who are most vulnerable.

We at SCH are keen to improve the digital inclusion of our tenants and to reduce costs in line with the 1% rent reduction that we will be making over the next 4 years. We felt that speeding our planned roll-out of the Digital Log Book to all our tenants would be one of the ways we could achieve both of these objectives” Chris Deery Head of Housing IT

In addition to this, we will also look at combining Solihull Council and SCH systems in a way that allows the tenant to access all key services from one single location (Digital Log Book). Further still this can be achieved through a single sign on solution which includes using their Facebook profile.

We will also be targeting 1,000 tenants who currently interact with SCH on-line to participate in a pilot to find out their digital preferences in relation to key enquiries or services such as reporting a repair.

The information will be gathered through a survey created within the Digital Log Book and will be used to help shape the future roll out of digital services.

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