It’s not what we know, it’s the way that we look at it argues Eddie Copeland Policy Exchange

Eddie Copeland, of the Policy Exchange, argues the case that the information is there we just need to know how to use it.

“Big Data in the Big Apple” argues that London should establish a Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA), inspired by the model created under Mayor Bloomberg in New York City. MODA would be a small team of data analysts, based in City Hall, who could combine, analyse, and seek insights from datasets sourced from all London’s boroughs and public sector organisations. A London MODA could help with areas such as: increasing shared services; tackling ‘beds in sheds’ (illegally converted outbuildings); improving food safety inspections; identifying empty homes; helping new businesses decide where to set up shop, fighting tax and benefits fraud; and making open data financially sustainable. Using previously unseen materials, the report provides a deep dive into exactly how the MODA model works in NYC, and explains how it could be adapted for the specific context of London.

Monitoring different data sets including the amount of rubbish collected, energy bills and even sewage levels could help local authorities identify and combat ‘beds in sheds’, the illegal use of buildings usually built without planning permission that cost the taxpayer millions and make life a misery for Londoners.  To read more click HERE.

Eddie Copeland is Head of Technology Policy at the Policy Exchange.

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