Digital Log Book joins Open Identity Exchange

We are delighted to have become members of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX).  We feel that this is an important step in the development of the Digital Log Book and working to build further confidence in the objectives and security of the Digital Log Book.  As the OIX works to build trust for online security and set standards, we felt that it was imortant to be transparent in what the Digital Log Book does and ensuring our customers see the standards we are working towards.  Membership of the OIX has aided us in networking with other members and working on a joint Government Digital Service (GDS) Discovery project with Birmingham City Council.  Working with Digital Birmigham we are working on a project with the aim  to track a customer’s housing journey from start to finish, making improvements along the way. The key objective is to ensure digital and financial inclusion strategies and tools for tenants preparing for the imtroduction of Universal Credit (UC). Tenants are given their own personalised Digital Log Book, an online portal that helps tenants to manage every aspect of their tenancies online.

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