Duneland development goes live with new occupants

The Duneland development of 25 new homes has been welcoming its first new residents, a mixture of privately owned homes and social housing for rent.  Duneland is connected to the Findhorn Foundation Community.  The Findhorn community is an experiment in conscious living, a learning centre and an ecovillage so these new homes are of a very high environmental specification and the Home Log Books will be used to help the occupants better understand and manage their homes for the lifetime of the properties benefiting any subsequent occupant.

Duneland is a social enterprise supported by the shareholders’ resolution to limit their financial return by capping any available dividend to facilitate community benefit. In return the company offers shareholders a first right of refusal on any property released for sale. This ensures that future residents in any development can be actively involved in decision making early on. Each shareholder has equal voting power irrespective of the amount of their investment. Many shareholders have supported DL from the beginning in 1997 without any dividend to date. For more information go to www.duneland.co.uk

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